Position Details & Student Resources

We believe in hiring students who will eventually become our partners, and we only hire as many students as we hope to have associate positions available. Typically, this means we hire four articling students each year. Our compensation package is at the top end of the range for downtown Vancouver law firms. The salary we offer these positions is currently $50,000 per year.

The firm pays each student’s tuition fee for the Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC) and the Law Society of BC admission fees. We also offer benefits, including: medical/dental plans, extended medical plan and 10 days of paid vacation time during the regular articling period. Taxi vouchers and dinner allowances are given to students who work late. All salary and benefits are paid while students are at PLTC.

We strive to provide flexibility with start dates, depending on the needs of the firm and our other students. Additionally, many of our students are fortunate to be chosen to clerk at various courts in Canada, and we happily accommodate this experience.

Summer Students

If you are a law school student, working as a summer student between your second and third years of law school is a terrific opportunity to get a head start on your career with Clark Wilson. You will experience a full rotation of work comparable to that of regular articling students, along with the opportunity to work for and socialize with our lawyers and support staff. The vast majority of our summer students come back to do their articles with Clark Wilson.

Each Fall, we typically hire three to four second-year law students to work at the firm from May to August of the following year. The salary is competitive with other downtown Vancouver law firms, currently $4,167 per month. For those who accept offers to return as regular articling students the following year, we pay the student’s third year tuition up to $5,000 and provide a book allowance of $200.

Program and Resources

Both summer and articling students experience a formal rotation throughout the firm, which allows you the opportunity to work in every practice area and with most lawyers. The focus for both summer and articling students is not billable hours; rather, our goals are to provide an integrated experience into the firm, to understand our culture and to develop your legal skills. We encourage you to seek out work that interests you because we understand that in order to have a fulfilling career, you have to love what you do.

Our students begin with a formal orientation program to acquaint you with our firm systems and software, teach basic legal research skills and expose you to our different practice areas and specialties. In-house Continuing Legal Education sessions are offered throughout the summer and articling programs. You will learn valuable skills alongside the rest of the lawyers, since we believe law is truly a profession of lifelong learning.

We match each of our students with a principal who we feel you will connect with and learn from. Principals are there to guide you throughout the articling process and to ensure you receive the best possible experience. Each student is also matched with an associate mentor who will offer invaluable resources about firm culture, practice and development. Both principals and associate mentors meet with their students regularly.

There are no student cubicles at Clark Wilson – every student has an office space and access to an assistant. Other resources include a library with a  librarian, access to LexisNexis, Westlaw, CLE Online and other leading legal research resources, lunch-and-learn sessions and full access to our word processing department.