Recruitment Process

At Clark Wilson we strive to make the recruitment process fun and informative. We understand that you have a big decision to make and like you, we’re looking for a good fit. The typical hiring process begins with a first review of written applications, in which we evaluate applicants on the objective criteria of academic achievement, a diversity of skills and outside interests, work experience and community involvement.

The interview is the next step in the process, as it allows us to, excuse the musical reference, get to know you. Being nervous is a normal part of the recruitment process for many applicants, but we can assure you that at Clark Wilson there will be no tricks. Our aim is simply to get a sense of your overall personality and have an open conversation and discussion. The interview is a two-way process, and will give you the chance to meet us personally, ask us questions and determine if Clark Wilson is where you’d like to start your legal career. We hope the answer is – absolutely!