Resume & Interview Tips

Members of our Student Committee have conducted hundreds of interviews, and they’ve noticed a few things that consistently make or break an application.

Here are 7 pointers of highly effective applicants, with particular thanks to Stephen Covey:

  1. Distinguish yourself as a candidate: Tell us about your unique skills, interests and experiences. We want to know more! Have you played on the Futsal team? Interested in music, your passion for tennis or involvement in the theatre. Tell us about it! We’d love to hear about your adventures and your background. Your distinguishing characteristics will pique our interest and make for a more relaxed and memorable interview.
  2. Short is sweet, even for a lawyer: Keep your cover letter to one page and your resume to two pages. Use bullets, bolding or other formatting tricks to make it easy for us to skim your resume. But beware of over-formatting. Presenting your information in a clean, clear manner will have the strongest impact.
  3. Highlight your most valuable skills and characteristics: Include concrete examples of how you have demonstrated excellence, leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity or community involvement. We are looking for well-rounded individuals who have achieved success not just in academics, but in other areas as well.
  4. Proof read, proof read and … proof read: Spelling mistakes and awkward grammar detract from all the positive information in your resume and cover letter. A good trick is to read a document sentence by sentence, from the back to the front. If this isn’t your strongest area, enlist a friend, mentor or career services professional in your school to help.
  5. Show us that you are genuinely interested in joining us: If you want to work here, tell us why, since it’s a question we will probably ask you. Take the time to learn about Clark Wilson before your interview. Come meet us at recruitment events at your university, explore our website or reach out to us directly. If you know people who work here, talk to them about their experience. We’d love to show you around our offices—you can set up a firm tour by contacting Ramona McLean, Law Student Coordinator.
  6. Interviews are a two-way process: Remember that you are meeting with us to determine whether Clark Wilson is where you want to start your legal career. You are interviewing us, too. Feel free to ask us questions or to highlight specific accomplishments that you would like to speak about during your interview. Just beware of asking a lot of questions that you can easily learn from looking at our website (see tip #5 above).
  7. Be yourself: We don’t have a preset notion of the type of person we are looking to hire. By showing us your authentic self, we’ll both be in the best position to determine whether we are a good fit for each other.