Michael Wilson
University of British Columbia
Articling Class of 2018 (2016 Summer Student)

During the Student Recruitment Process, I chose to work at Clark Wilson LLP because of the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, and because the lawyers struck me as conscientious professionals who were passionate about their respective fields.  After working at Clark Wilson LLP this summer, I can confidently say that Clark Wilson LLP has exceeded my expectations- I could not have asked for a better summer experience.

Lawyers at Clark Wilson LLP, regardless of year of call or position in the firm, are willing to mentor students and to provide insight into the practice of law.  In addition, Clark Wilson LLP’s articling rotation provides exposure to diverse areas of practice, but is also flexible enough to allow students to pursue areas of law that interest them.  This summer, I had the pleasure of working closely with the Estate Litigation group, as well as the Banking, Insolvency and Restructuring group.  Both of these groups immersed me in their work, allowing me to make meaningful contributions to their files (something that I was not expecting to do as a summer articled student).

I can honestly say that my summer experience at Clark Wilson LLP has far surpassed my expectations.  The combination of interesting work, conscientious lawyers, and a supportive work environment provide a sturdy foundation upon which students can shape their legal career.  I could not be happier that I have chosen to work at Clark Wilson LLP.

Grunenberg B-1147web

Brent Grunenberg

University of Victoria
Articling Class 2017 (2015 Summer Student)

The world was my oyster this summer.

Between drafting, research, client meetings and regular discussion with senior counsel I have never learned so much in such a short time. Nor have I worked for and amongst so many great people. I truly felt Clark Wilson was invested in making me a great lawyer. Only because I was believed in personally was held to a high standard professionally. While each day presented new challenges, I never once felt isolated. Support was everywhere, all the time. It’s been my greatest working experience and I sincerely look forward to returning for articles.

Joanes C-1157web
Charlene Joanes
University of British Columbia
Articling Class 2017 (2015 Summer Student)

Clark Wilson has provided me with a number of opportunities to explore and understand what it means to practice law. By rotating to different practice areas, I gained insight into the breadth of possible legal careers and over the summer I was able to meet and work with many different lawyers. I observed examinations for discovery, attended court, prepared research memos, and completed closing books. All the while, supervising lawyers provided me with mentorship, guidance and feedback. The level of responsibility and trust I was given demonstrated that to me that Clark Wilson promotes an environment where everyone has a voice and your skills, experience and input will always be valued and respected.

The firm truly believes that their people are their biggest asset. Throughout the summer I was constantly impressed with how invested the firm was in their students. In addition to attending multiple training sessions, when given assignments the partners and associates always took the time to provide me with a crash course on the legal framework and factual background surrounding an issue before I began my research. While there is a strong focus on aiding students in developing strong legal skills, what sets this summer program apart from the rest is their emphasis on providing students with insight to how a firm also operates as a business.  Coming from a non-business background it was important to me to understand the business model in the legal industry, so I could learn how to best build my practice.

While I met many people from the firm throughout the application process, and expected a friendly work environment, I did not anticipate the actual strength of the firm’s social fabric. From the moment I accepted my offer, I was invited to all firm functions and immediately felt welcomed. Clark Wilson has a diverse group of lawyers and staff who willingly shared their professional advice and was genuinely interested in getting to know me.  Working at a firm that is full of people who approach their work with passion and aspire to excellence has been exhilarating.

My summer at Clark Wilson provided me with the opportunity to grow as a lawyer while being supported by an extraordinary team. The program has increased my knowledge and in turn my confidence. I am thrilled to be returning next year as an articled student.

Jordan Thompson
University of Saskatchewan
Articling Class of 2017 (2015 Summer Student)

All of the excitement, anxiety and apprehensions of entering the articling process and a new workplace are very overwhelming. The anticipated questions and concerns relating to responsibilities and expectations at the firm can cause a lot of stress, especially for a student such as myself who is new to the law firm atmosphere. The lawyers and staff at Clark Wilson are remarkable at relieving these stresses and offering a welcoming, positive learning environment for new faces around the firm.

Naturally, every student’s summer and articling experience is different, and mine was nothing but exceptional. Being someone wholly undecided about which area of law I am inclined to pursue a career in, I hoped to receive a breadth of exposure to several different fields, and I was not disappointed. Within my first month at the firm I had researched complex issues in several different areas of law, attended client meetings and discoveries, drafted submissions for the provincial court, and represented clients at a small claims settlement conference. The lawyers at Clark Wilson do not discriminate between summer and full-time articling students, which allowed me to get involved in important projects and also offers a perfect introduction into what my future articling year will look like.

Engaging assignments and stressful situations are to be expected. What surprised me about my time at Clark Wilson was the complete open access between students and lawyers. I can honestly say I feel comfortable approaching any lawyer at the firm for advice or just a casual chat. Even more surprising was the willingness of incredibly busy lawyers to take time out of their schedule to engage in these conversations. Clark Wilson is a firm that realizes the potential growth in its students and ensures  exemplary formal and informal mentorship and training. I am incredibly content with the summer I spent at Clark Wilson and I am looking forward to returning for my articling year and taking the next step in my legal career.

Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen
University of Alberta
Articling Class of 2017 (2015 Summer Student)

Finding the right firm during the student recruitment process can be a daunting task. Each seems to promise students similar things; engaging work, in-depth mentorship, and accessible senior counsel. Having just completed the summer articling program at Clark Wilson, I can say with confidence that, here at least, those promises were more than fulfilled.

The firm’s lawyers, regardless of year of call, were always willing to provide meaningful guidance on student assignments, and were careful to ensure workloads remained manageable. What made the greatest impression, though, was the degree to which my input was valued, and the amount of responsibility students are permitted to assume. Personally, I was able to interact directly with clients, draft pleadings, see my research presented in court by senior counsel, and, most memorably, participate in a strategy meeting with two partners where my feedback was actively solicited. These experiences, along with the summer’s structured rotation between solicitor’s and litigation work, proved an incredibly useful litmus test for which practice areas best fit my skill set and legal interests.

From my vantage point, Clark Wilson seems like an ideal launchpad for a career in law, and I’m thrilled to be returning to the firm for full articles.

David Buxton-Forman
David Buxton-Forman
Articling Class of 2013

Clark Wilson offers a structured rotation based articling program that is flexible enough to cater to every articling student.  The partners and senior associates expose you to a variety of practice areas and types of work, but also encourage you to pursue opportunities in those areas which interest you most.   In this way, you can shape your own articling experience; while at the same time learn the fundamental skills that will allow you to develop from a student into a practicing lawyer.  Best of all, your colleagues are knowledgeable and approachable individuals who genuinely care about your development and are willing to provide the mentorship you need early in your career.

Andrew Dixon
Articling Class of 2014

I joined Clark Wilson as a Summer Student in 2012. Right from the beginning, Clark Wilson was a welcoming and supportive social and working environment. The summer provided just the right balance between getting my feet wet with practical legal experience, and making connections with the lawyers and the other students at the firm through social events and activities. Since rejoining the firm as an articling student, it’s been a whirlwind of personal and professional growth. While this might be true of any articling experience, there are a number of elements that set Clark Wilson apart.

The first element is the wide breadth of work experience you receive as a student. Working at Clark Wilson has allowed me to develop interests in areas that I didn’t have an interest in when I left law school. I now have the sense of what it’s like working as a lawyer, day to day, in different practice areas. The second has been the ability to obtain practical “hands on” experience. From my first day at the firm, I was invited to attend discoveries, trials and client meetings. Early on, I had the opportunity to take command of my own files and I have rarely been told “no” when I’ve expressed an interest in taking on more responsibility. The third and final element is the most important; the people. What my experience has taught me is that Clark Wilson gives its students a tremendous amount of support and encouragement. You feel that the firm is invested in your success. The lawyers and support staff want you to succeed. That’s a great environment to be in when you’re still early in your legal career.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice to join Clark Wilson. Going forward, I know that I now have an incredible foundation to build from as I move forward in my career.

Ravinder Bindra
Articling Class of 2014

Having summered with the firm in 2012, I have recently completed my regular articles with Clark Wilson and will continue with the firm as an Associate.

At Clark Wilson, I have been exposed to a wide variety of work, including municipal law, tax law, securities law, and real estate law. In relation to this work, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to clients in various ways, from attending meetings to drafting documents that have been used by the clients. The lawyers at the firm have trusted me with lots of responsibility from my first day at Clark Wilson and have provided prompt, effective feedback as I completed my training.

Clark Wilson provides a great foundation to develop not only legal skills, but also business skills that are essential in today’s legal practice. The firm provides formal training during monthly lunch conferences to become a more productive and efficient lawyer. In addition, the lawyers at the firm provide informal practice advice which has shaped how I work in the office. This emphasis on training highlights Clark Wilson’s commitment to developing lawyers attuned to the future of the legal profession.

I’m looking forward to continuing as an Associate with Clark Wilson.

Alexandra Andrisoi
Articling Class of 2015 (2013 Summer Student)

As a summer student, I worked on files engaging various areas of law and was given the chance to try my skills at both solicitor and litigation focused work. My summer articles were fast-paced and challenging, but the resources and support necessary for me to succeed and build my legal skills were readily available and easily accessible.

The lawyers I worked with took an active interest in my professional development and were happy to provide constructive and detailed feedback on my work. From my first week at the firm, I was given significant responsibility and truly felt like a valued member of the team. The quality of the work, as well as the genuine warmth and friendliness of the lawyers and staff at Clark Wilson, all contributed to an excellent summer articling experience.


Daniel Paperny

Articling Class of 2015 (2013 Summer Student)

The summer I spent articling at Clark Wilson was an extremely positive experience for me, and an ideal introduction to my legal career. Having never worked in a law firm prior to my summer articles, I was slightly nervous about what exactly to expect from the whole experience. I began the summer unsure about the workload students were expected to take on and how easy it would be for me to adjust to life in a law firm.

These initial concerns were promptly put to rest, as the warm and welcoming professional environment fostered by Clark Wilson’s staff and lawyers made for a comfortable transition to life in a law firm. The work I received at the firm was diverse, challenging and engaging. One of the things I was most impressed with during the summer was the willingness of the lawyers to take time out of their days to provide helpful guidance and instructions to us students. I always felt comfortable knocking on the doors of senior lawyers with any question I may have had concerning work given to me, or simply about administrative aspects of firm life.

It was clear to me from day one that Clark Wilson takes pride in making a concerted effort to teach and develop its students, who are regarded as the future of the firm. Because of this devotion to student education and development, my summer articles were an invaluable learning experience for me and I’m very excited to be continuing at the firm for my full-time articles.